HULL Bio - Byron Audler "JClark" (Photo)

Age: Ageless, but fast becoming a Grand Old Flatulent of Harpoon<G>

Born in New Orleans, La., have resided in Jacksonville, Fla. for over 30 years. Navy Town!

Education: have been, to some effect, but at times, undetected.

Occupation: Shipfitter First Class. I've been a Foreman, and now I'm a project planner. Have been a shipfitter since 1971. I probably could have done a lot of other things in life, but this is what I love. Not many folks can say they work the job they love.

Hobbies and interests: reading ( Clancy, Bond, Coyle, Griffin...), also have been interested in Naval history since early teens, when I recieved and read Morrisons' "History of the Navy in WW2"; and of course, Harpoon! My interest in the Navy has been abetted by more years than I care to think by working on Naval vessels at N.S. Mayport. I have been told that I had to be a retired Chief Bos'n Mate more than once. Currently, I'm the Project manager for the Harpoon2002 project, by virtue of the fact that my only skill is telling other people what to do, and I'm also the moderator of the HULL mailing list, for the past 4 years.

and of course, I'm married, with the most terrific grandson in the world<G>

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