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Well here goes, I'm Gordon Walton one of the original Computer Harpoon design team (and current Harpoon Classic whipping boy).

Born March 2, 1956 in Houston Texas.

US Army 1974-77 (SGT) (Ft. Ord, Ft. Gordon, Ft. Hood, Ft. Chaffee, Kaiserslautern Germany), TX National Guard 77-79, US Army Reserve 91-92

Played my first computer game in 1977 on PLATO, published first computer game in 1978 on the Commodore PET. Designer on 9 computer games, have programmed over 20 computer games on various systems.

BS in Computer Science, Texas A & M University 1981.

Currently Sr VP with Kesmai Corporation in charge of all game development. Kesmai specializes in large scale multiplayer games.

Married, but no children yet!

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