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I am 23 years old. Living in St. John's, Nefoundland, which is the eastern most city in North America.

I work in the Merchant Marine, I have been working on merchant vessels since I was 19 years old. When I was 21 I went to Institute of Fisheries and Marine Technology of Memorial University of Newfoundland to do MOT Nautical Science. I came out with a Watch Keeping Mate (WKM) certificate. This is third officer foreign going, second officer home trade. I have worked from Abitibi Price, Rigel Shipping and CANSHIP Inc. I currently work for Canada Steam Ship Lines in the capacity of bosun and third officer whenever I am available. Currently I am back at IFMT in order to qualify for ON II certification (second officer foreign, first officer home trade). If all goes well, I will be out of that this summer.

I have been to twenty three different countries and can speak French passably, German fluently.

I am not married, nor do I have any kids.

I came into Harpoon when I seen a copy of H2 at a store in the mall, I picked it up there and then. I have never played any other type of Harpoon. I am the maintainer for the WW3 DB. I co-ordinate with the rest of the WW3 team with the DB. I am also the one who created whatis probably the largest scenario ever placed on Saul's page, convoy.scn. The DB is now un-corrupted now BTW.

As for computers, I guess you can call me a gamer. I not only play Harpoon, but Falcon 3.0, Command and Conquor, Descent, and Civilation.

And that's it I guess....

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