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Born 1962 - Army Brat. Started Texas A&M in NRTOC but left the Corps when I found out I was 4F. Finished with an Industrial Engineering degree. Licensed Professional Engineer (Software Engineering), Texas in 2001. Two kids and a musical wife who is smarter than I am.

Been gaming since Jr. High, started with AH France 1940. Favorite boardgames: Arab Israeli Wars, Wooden Ships and Iron Men, Flat Top (both versions). Published several wargaming articles over the years including some Avalon Hill "The General" extensions to FlatTop.

Thought about computerized naval games since Apple //e and Flat Top. Wrote letters to Larry in 1978 about Harpoon. Wrote Tom Clancy in 1986/7 about computerizing Red Storm Rising. Lost the bid. Procured rights to Harpoon. Coined the terms "BattleSet" and "Staff Assistant", designed the architecture, GUI, integer math libraries and scenarios for the original 1989 Harpoon, but really messed up the management. After another manager tried, Gordon Walton shipped the product in 1989. He said it was my wedding gift! I did two more BattleSets and essentially stepped aside until....H4 was cancelled. Supported HC2002 efforts (did some testing too), and managed the H3 Pro and H3 MP projects.

Free time (!) is spent with family, but that includes brewing beer, sailing, reading with my kids (Fantasy and Sci Fi of course), and community stuff like Rotary, Computer Recycling, and a Chess Club.

Day Job (Summer 2003):
Been working as a contractor to an aviation services firm developing their IT processes (using ITIL and MSF), looking for a "permanent" job as a CIO or Software Engineering Manager. Past Day Job was with an IT Consulting firm where I did every job in the company at one point or another, but am most proud of creating the Software Engineering Department (which resulted in a Microsoft Case Study and co-inventor status on a Software Patent).

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