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Ok. You want it, you have it. Here you are my curriculum vitae. I,ve got a certain skill in writing it after I wrote about 300 of them when i was searching for a job.

My written English is becoming a little rusty so I hope you can understand me and forgive my grammar errors.

Personal Data:
I was born 27 years ago and am still living in Milano, Italy, about 1.5 milion inhabitant.

I lived one year in Boston thanks to an exchange student's program and six months in Chicago where my company sent me to learn C++. I'm not married at present, I live with my girl (Angela) in a small one room flat, we're going to get married next year.

Military experience:
I spent my 15 months draft service as an administrative Jr. Lt. in the Italian Air Force, I was more a white collar in blue uniform than a soldier. Not a great experience but at least I earned 1000$ in month while draft soldiers were paid the astronomical figure of 3 (yes three) US$ a day.

I took a Business Economics degree with a dgree thesis about computer's impact on book-keeping and administration. I'll go back to university for a MBA next year if my firm pay for it.

I work for an american administrative and strategic consulting firm.

I started playing wargames when I was 12. My first wargame was D-Day (Avalon Hill), my favourite boardgames are: SL, ASL, Advanced Third Reich, Rising Sun and Fleet series. I've been playing computer wargames and flight sims since Strike Eagle and mech Bde were released for Commodore 64 in mid 80's.

I started playing harpoon (both miniature and computer) after I had read Red Storm Rising (Red Hurrcane in the italian translation). I began to play HII a year ago when at last I could afford to buy a Pentiun 133. Just before Xmas I find out an AE copy so if someone wants a MM edition CD just let me know it. My favourite computer games are: SP I&II, War in Russia, Panthers in the shadows/Tiger on the prowl (considered to be the harpoon of land warfare), Civilization I&II, Battlegroud series, Pacific war, Jane's ATF, Falcon 3 (willing to see 4.0) and of course harpoon (both version even if HII runs too slow. I'm waiting to recive H97).

reading (everithing from s/f to philosophy), History, computers, wargames, Bridge, sports (Basket, soccer we call it football and for us italians is the only real football, tennis and an insane passion for football born in Boston when some of my classmates took me to attend a Patriots game).

Well, I think that's all. I want to thank Saul for his harpoon pages, Tom for Pfedit and everybody who works to keep harpoon alive.

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