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My name is Charles Berlemann

I guess that I am the youngest on the list being only 18. I was born on 10/23/78 at the naval hospital in Oak Harbor, Washington. I am a Navy Brat and my dad work for most of his 22 years on the A-6 Intruder (all the models from the A-6A to the A-6E/TRAM) he has been involved with most of the A-6's world tour from Vietnam to Libya. My interest in ships and planes was when my dad took me on board the America and I saw some of the planes being loaded on board for her 82-83 cruise.

I first saw Harpoon being demonstrated in a computer shop and said "COOOLLL!!!". When I got my first copy of Harpoon V1.1 the first scenario I tried was the Raid on Iceland by a CVBG and won it with only the loss of a few Nimrods used as ELINT platforms. Ever since than I have been hook. I finally bought H2MM because I thought it had all the bells and whistles. However I felt I was cheat when all that it had only GC1-3 and the Scenedit.

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