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My name is Michele (yes you guessed it female) and in my late 20's. I grew up in a neighborhood of surrounded by boys. For the fear of my mother that I would get hurt, I proceeded to believe if they could do so could I. I nearly came close to entering the Air Force only to relize that I could not have the job I wanted ( Aircrew) due to an inner ear problem. During high school I received an Atari 2600 as a Christmas gift, but wanted a real computer, which I received the following year. What spare money I had went into Atari's and Commodores. As soon as I turned 17 I started my own BBS "The Launch Pad"

During high school, I studied Graphic Arts and concentrated on press work and the dark room. After a few years in Mom & Pop shops, I began working for Xerox Corp. I found that running the copiers and sorting mail became boring and soon started learning from the technicians how to keep them running. I hope to become a technician by the year end or will change my carrer to a PC technician.

I have many hobbies, most of which blend together, cooking (doesn't go to well with circuit boards) reading, computers photography and military/space aviation. During the summer I can be found at many airshows, or in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.
I run a small business, slide scanning and photography out of the house I live in with my two roomates and my cat.

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