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Harpoon Classic 2002 Gold is now available for purchase:

Buy Harpoon Classic Gold Edition

Purchase Instructions:

There are currently two purchase options, Electronic Download and CD-ROM via First Class Airmail. The price of the Download is $30.00 (USD). Shipping and Handling cost for the CD-ROM is an additional $8.00 (USD). It is the policy of our on line merchant, eSellerate, to ship CD's anywhere in the world within 48 hours of an order being placed, so for most US customers, the CD should arrive in the mail 3-5 days after placing the order.

As promised, those of you who previously purchased the HC2002 upgrade are entitled to a $10 discount when purchasing HC2002 GOLD. To ensure you receive the discount, please click the "More Info" link directly above the "Buy" button when you load the URL listed above. You'll need to provide the same e-mail address you used when you purchased the HC2002 upgrade.

IMPORTANT NOTE #1: If that e-mail address is no longer active, you will not receive an e-mail confirmation of your purchase and registration serial number. Be extra mindful to copy the new serial number generated during the course of this transaction. You will need it to run all but the Demo scenarios in HC2002 GOLD. (And since the letter O and the number Zero are easy to mistake, your best bet is to Copy and Paste the registration serial number into a new .txt or other document for later retrieval.) Please use the HGSL support list to report any problems in receiving your discount (link provided below).

IMPORTANT NOTE #2: When ordering the HC2002 GOLD CD-ROM, you need to click on the "Add to Cart" button (at the bottom right on the second eSellerate screen). This will add the $8.00 Shipping and Handling fee to the bill and your CD will ship within 48 hours of your order. When you purchase your CD, you are automatically entitled to the Download, so you do not have to wait for the mail to install and run HC2002 GOLD.

The Download is a 24+ MB file that includes the HC2002 GOLD Game Engine, Scenario Editor, Platform Editor, and the HCDB (HC2002 GOLD's newly updated database). The CD-ROM includes all of the above, plus Access Runtime for those who do not have MS Access 97 or later installed on their machines. And, since the CD also includes a several hundred megabyte NEW WORLD MAP (it's implementation is our next goal in the ongoing development of HC2002), we strongly encourage you all to order the CD-ROM as well as the Download.

Credit Card is the preferred method of purchase. There is a $5 (USD) surcharge for non-credit card orders, to cover the additional processing costs. 

Download + CD-ROM non-credit card price = $43 (USD)
Download Only non-credit card price = $35 (USD)

Please make your Money Order or Cashier's Check payable to Advanced Gaming Systems, Inc., at the following address:

PO Box 1522
College Station, TX 77841-1522

Installation and Registration:

Upon completing the purchase, those of you who choose to download will be linked to the HC2002 GOLD Download Site. Choose from any of the three mirror sites listed there and your download will begin. Upon completion, double click the Installer file, "hcgold_full.exe" and follow the prompts to select a destination directory in which to install HC2002 GOLD. Next, for those of you who own HC97, use the BattleSet Utility button to import the EC2000 files into your new HC2002 GOLD directory.

You are now ready to register your copy of HC2002 GOLD. Use your newly created shortcut, Start Menu icon, or double click on the Winharp32.exe file, to open the Game Engine. Load the first scenario in the GIUK BattleSet. Click on HELP in the upper menu bar once the scenario has loaded. A drop down menu will appear; click on REGISTER HC2002. Finally, retrieve the registration serial number you saved earlier and paste it into the registration window. Click on OK, and your copy of HC2002 GOLD should now be registered and fully functional.

Note on MS Access and Access Runtime:

The Download does not contain Access Runtime (to save bandwidth), which is only necessary for running the Platform Editor, and even then, only if you do not have a working copy of MS Access 97 or later on your computer. To get Access Runtime (8 MB Download), please visit:







Please continue to use the HGSL support list and/or the HULL for all support related questions. Links for both are listed below. We hope this all runs smoothly, but if there are bumps in the road, we'll respond as soon as is humanly possible.

Congratulations on your purchase of HC2002 GOLD. Good Hunting!

Bruce Fenster
Assistant HULL Moderator
Testing and Support Manager, HC2002 GOLD




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