Harpoon 3

Harpoon 3 is a vastly updated and windows version of Harpoon based on Harpoon 2. Jesse has done a fantastic job with this version. Give it a try at www.harpoon3.com. They have a demo you can download or you can go ahead and purchase it.

Harpoon 2

Download Harpoon II Utilities and User Scenarios

If your are interested in having your scenario posted here put it and a text file explaining the scenario into a zip file and send it to Webmaster.

H2 Database Builder H2 Database Builder is a database editing tool for MS Access 95, 97 or 2000. In addition to basic editing capabilities, the builder also includes the following: editing of text descriptions, a tool to find database errors, capability to exchange data between databases, and several tools to make the database building process more efficient. Jon Reimer's Site
H2 Editor Manuals This is the contents of the H2 help screens for SCENEDIT and DBEDIT formatted into an 82-page MS Word 2.0 document. Even if you don't use either program, this document contains lots of useful information, especially for database editors. Editor Manuals
Mike's World War 2 Database
Mike has been a keen Harpooner for the last 10 or so years.  Mike has been a WW2 era amateur historian all his life. He always wanted a Database that reflected accurately this most dramatic era in our Worlds history. Well he finally built it and here it is.  IMPORTANT: There are some unusual features in this Database so he asks that you read the text file that accompanies this database so as to become familiar with what is possible.
Download the current  (3/28/99)
Sonar Testing
Files needed for testing the sonar corrections in the HUD II Database. HUD-II Sonar
Harpoon Users Database II
Revision 2 (HUD-II)

The Harpoon User's Database II The "HUD-II" is aimed at making available a standard database for use by scenario designers and those wishing to use platforms, as they appear in the current version of the Harpoon modern naval tactical warfare rules. It also aims to correct some of the mistakes and bugs that appeared in the original database available with the Harpoon 2 computer game. This is an on-going project that will evolve as current developments take place in naval affairs worldwide. HUD-II Database
HUD-II Database Corrections.
HUD-II Sensor Calculations
Here's the new spreadsheet that Darren is using for the sensor calculations for the HUD-II. He zipped them and converted the original word doc into a text file for those without MS Word.  

Darren Buckley 

HUD Install FAQ's  

You should update your game with the AE update on this page before using the HUD.

Before you install the HUD make sure you  read the instructions in the FAQ. If you do not follow them the game may not play correctly and may crash.  HUD FAQ 
Harpoon Users Database (HUD) 05/11/98 

This database contains all the platforms that are in 
the Admirals Edition and the platforms necessary to play the scenarios on 
these pages.

The goals of the HUD are: 
1. To create a database that simulates real life. 
2. Correction of errors in the database. 
3. Update the existing items in the database. 
4. Platforms and weapons in the HUD shall be limited to those used in scenarios on this page and those that are in the Harpoon Data Annexes. 
5. Since this is Harpoon, the statistics that are in the Data Annexes will be used if there is a dispute on any figures. 
Harpoon Users Database (HUD) 

If you have questions or need help with this editor contact the author at: 
A platform editor that allows you to modify any thing in the database or create new platforms. Version 1.16. Contains documentation and sample platforms and scenario.  Platform Editor 


Installation Instructions and FAQ 

Harpoon II Manual
Here is the complete Harpoon II manual as originally released. The manual is in PDF format and you must download the Adobe Acrobat viewer to read or print the manual. 
CAUTION!!! These are very large files and can take 30 minutes or more to download at 28.8kbs.
 Harpoon II Manual 

 Adobe Acrobat Viewer 

Command Card Harpoon II "hot key" card: All the key commands for the IBM and Mac extended keyboard. Download from your browser.  Harpoon II Command Card 
HUD Reference Work
Here is a group of documents prepared by Chuck Tenneson that contains all the information on items in the Harpoon Users Database. This is a reference work to help your determine what the items in the database will do.  Harpoon Users Database Reference Work 

Admirals Edition Update

This is a very large file (3.5 Megabytes) and can take up to 107 minutes to upload with a 14.4bps modem. 

IBM Final Update for Harpoon II. This update will bring your the version of H2 up to the Admirals Edition version. This for all versions of Harpoon II. Put zip file in your harpoon2 directory. Use Pkunzip to unzip it with the -d switch. Example: pkunzip h2update.zip -d 

This update modifies the database. You may want to save any changes or additions you have made before the update overwrites them. 

Admirals Edition  


FAQ for the Update Here are the directions on the correct way to use this update. Please read this before attempting to use the update. If you follow 360's directions the game may not run correctly. 

Harpoon Head 2 Head Via email Rules These rules were drawn up to allow people using the scenario editor to play head to head via email. h2hhrule.txt


This is a small scenario set in the opening moments of WWIII. Dave Steinmeyer


It's a hypothetical one based on the Falklands War. Dave Steinmeyer
It's a straight forward ASW scenario. The two SSNs go head to head. Dave Steinmeyer
This is another small ASW scenario. It takes place in the Mediterranean and is a diesel boat duel. The distances are pretty close and it's the submarine equivilent of a knife fight. Dave Steinmeyer
Like my last two ASW scenarios, this one is pretty much a stand alone situation. My next step is to incorporate these into larger operations, so stand by! Drop me a line and let me know what you think. Enjoy! Dave Steinmeyer
Well, here's another scenario which was once just for the original Harpoon board game. It's quite small, but the value of the tactics it teaches cannot be understated. Dave Steinmeyer
Pits a US carrier battle group picket ship against the perennial bad guys, the Libyans. Dave Steinmeyer
Small scenario in the Strait of Malacca between Malaysian and Indonesian PGM's. Ashley Walker
The LHD-17 ( a new amphibious ship which will make up a third of the 21st century Amphibious group ). It carrys AAAV's, LCAC's, AH-1W's, and UAV's(for recon). Bryan Harig
Patrol Boats

The Shanghai-II PT and the Huchuan PTH are both part of the Albanian Navy. The Huchuan is also used in Bangladesh and Pakistan. Both are Chinese built.

Steve LeBlanc
Here is a new tpf H2. It is the SR-71 Blackbird Hambone
Mini Harrier Carrier
This aircraft-carrier (named Harrier Carrier) is based on a project of Vosper Thornycroft shipyard shown in the Greenwich naval show in late 70s. Alex from Leghorn (Italy)
Matka & SA-11
The Matka is an old Russian missile cutter, and the SA-11 is a Russian medium range SAM system. Vukasin Milosevic

Irish Database 102

Here is Shane's latest version of his Irish database.
Caution!!! Scenarios that are written for any other database may not work with this database even if rebuilt with the scenario editor.
Shane Barry 
WWIII Database
The World War III Database "Harpoon" This database is based on what if the Cold War had continued and finally escalated into war. WW3
WWIII Scenario
Only works with WWIII Database
Simply put this scenerio was developed as a Quick and dirty way to test New Soviet and US Navy Aircraft against one another. The Scenerio is based upon Fight to the Death from the origional Release of CHarpoon2. Craig Paffhausen 

Latest DB2000 Database and Scenarios

(check often there are frequent updates)

DB2000 and many user written scenarios. 
Caution!!! Scenarios that are written for any other database will not work with this database even if rebuilt with the scenario editor.
WWII Database
Craigs World War II Database. Much expanded from the last version. 
Caution!!! Scenarios that are written for any other database will not work with this database even if rebuilt with the scenario editor.
 Craig Paffhausen 
Ethan Atsinger's experimental database which contains many new platforms that he designed along with many he got off the net. Ethan Atsinger
South Scenario
"Southbound". It shows a big battle in the GIUK gap and is four sides playable. Of course I used the HUD II. Ralf Koelbach
Kurils Scenario
Scenario by Kelly Crawford Kelly Crawford 
Ok2 Scenario
Scenario by Kelly Crawford Kelly Crawford 
Database Directory This link will take you to the Database directory on the Teuton FTP site. This directory contains all the different databases that have been sent to me. It also contains scenarios that are specific to these databases.  Database FTP site 
  This page contains all the user scenarios that have been written for Harpoon II. It has the authors and a brief description of the scenario.  Scenarios Page 
Harpoon II Scenarios and updates are located in our FTP site. Mirror sites are located at: 
FTP sites


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