Harpoon Classic 2002 Gold Edition
"The Meanest Damn Poon Ever!"

Welcome to the newest version of the Harpoon Classic naval warfare simulation, Harpoon Classic 2002 Gold Edition. The result of a two year plus, all volunteer effort by members of the Harpoon community, HC2002 Gold fixes many of the bugs inherent in Harpoon Classics 97 and includes an exciting new "overhaul" of the Artificial Intelligence that models both submarine and aerial warfare. It also includes a Platform Editor for the first time in the 14 year history of the Harpoon Classic label. With the addition of the Platform Editor, the development team has updated the game's Database. These are but a few of the many improvements you will see in HC2002 Gold.

The best part is there is more to come!!!!!

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Harpoon 2002 Gold Info File
Harpoon 2002 Gold FAQ
Harpoon 2002 Gold Scenarios Page NEW
Harpoon 2002 Scenarios Page
Collection of Brad Leyte's Scenarios
Platform Editor User's Guide
Database Worksheet


Harpoon 2002 Team.....

Byron Audler, Project Manager
Ed Ladner, Assistant Project Manager, Website and FTP owner
Bruce Fenster, Testing and Support Manager
Bret Mckee, Lead Programmer
Anthony Eischens, Programmer
Frank Moody, Assistant Programmer
Jon Reimer, Database Editor Creator
Brad Leyte, Lead Database Editor and Alpha Tester
Fred Galano, Database Editor and Alpha Tester
Calum Gibson, Database Editor and Alpha Tester
Saul Jacobs, Database Editor
Steve Eggleston, Internal Beta Tester
Kelly Crawford, Internal Beta Tester
Dewayne Harris, Internal Beta Tester
Don Gilman, copyright owner, who gracefully let us have our way


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