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Harpoon Channel On IRC

We have a registered channel on Galaxy Net. We have regular meetings on Sunday nights at 9:00pm EST. The channel is monitored at other times. You can usually find several people chatting between 8:00 pm and 10:30 pm EST daily. We invite you to join us there for these real time discussions. You can join in by using your IRC client and signing on to or and then joining channel #harpoon. If you have any questions email me and I will be happy to assist you.

Below is a FAQ files that will help you get started and explain about IRC.

This file will introduce you to the basic concepts about IRC

Dr Who's Downloads

Fight to the What - Scenario for Harpoon 2, Help the Blue retake Iceland
Download Tom Wenck's Sonar Spreadsheet
Download the Windows Harpoon Theme
UK vs France Scenario for Harpoon 2. You have a limited time to gain air superiority and pull off a commando raid.
Knockout EC2000 Scenario for H97. A CVBG with a crippled air group tries to hold out till replacements arrive.
Koinvade EC2000 Scenario for H97. The Russian have landed amphib forces. You need to destroy them and a second landing force.
Harpoon TOT Strike Planner spreadsheets in Excel & Lotus format

Useful Files

Jon Reimer has begun work on a worldwide aircraft order of battle spreadsheet covering the years 1990 to present. This data may be helpful to scenario designers and database editors. This is an ongoing project with lots of work left to go, and any help will be greatly appreciated. (In Excel 5.0) (11/2/99) Aircraft OOB
Log from the live chat with the developers of Harpoon 4 Chat Session
A Windows information file. This will help you install Harpoon II in Windows Windows Information file
This is the FTP information file. It contains all the sites we support and how to use different methods to download files. Also some good tips on using Netscape.  FTP Information file
The official FAQ file for this group. Please refer to this FAQ to see if someone has asked this question before. This file will be updated as new questions and answers are submitted to me. View Here  
Download Here
Here is the wishlist Jon has put together from the different mail lists that support Harpoon. This wish list contains features that Harpoon users would like to see in the next version of Harpoon. Jon Roach


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