Harpoon 2002 Gold Scenarios
"The Meanest Damn Poon Ever!"






US attempt to destroy North Korea's
WMD facilities. I'm hoping that it will be the first of several dealing with
a second Korean War, set in 2015.


China 1

The scenario simulates an attempt by the PROC (RED) to attack Taiwan (BLUE). Gene Smith

Fight to the What 2002

Intel reports indicate Russia is using the current stalemate and
resulting semi-truce to bring in reinforcements for the Northern Fleet from their far eastern military districts. National Command Authority has
ordered Strike Fleet Atlantic to conduct offensive amphibious operation
aimed at securing Iceland from Russian control in an attempt to forestall
the coming Russian attack.
Edward Ladner
Forced into a Corner The first installment of what I hope will be a short campaign of scenarios based on the current HULL thread of "Reinforcing Israel".

The first scenario is called "Forced into a Corner" and it's for the EC2003 MEDC battleset.

It can be played by either BLUE or RED.
Brad Leyte


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