HULL Bio - Michael C. Deegan (Mikawa on the chat)

Born on the Twenty third of December 1956 in Brisbane Australia. Father was a Cabinet Maker and Mother is a Secretary to a Barrister.

I was an adventurous child, always off on my bike somewhere. Got my first Toy soldiers at age 6 and my first scale model at 10. I did 12 years of school then at age 17 I left (Home as well) and have been fending for myself ever since. I worked 2 years in an office and nearly went nuts. I moved on and had what I call my Gypsy period. I traveled widely in Australia and learnt many skills and made a few lifelong friends. I have mustered cattle both out west in the dry country and in the High Country of Victoria. I have driven every type of vehicle imaginable from mo-peds to drag lines, Semi Trailers Drotts , D-8's , Rollers, etc. Been a radio dispatcher for a Courier company and sold Real estate. A pretty varied life. Married in 1980 on 26th. Jan 1980 to my Wonderful wife Diane, who puts up with my passion with a smile. Got a TRS 80 around this time. This was followed by a C64 then IBM compats all the way. Whilst researching Data down over the years for my other hobby (Scale Models) I wished for a Game that would play like it like it was. Harpoon = Heaven for me. When I discovered the original Harpoon, well I was pleased but H2 has kept a smile on my face for a long time now. My passion is WW2 and over the years I have put together a Database based on the era 1922-1946. I am new to the list and the Internet so all complaints should be addressed to some one else. Compliments to the above address. Look forward to a long and happy association with the group.

This page is dedicated to the memory of HMAS Canberra

At the going down of the Sun And in the Morning, We will remember Them Lest We Forget

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