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Hello fellow 'pooners. I was born in Indianapolis in 1963 and from the moment my fanny hit the tub I knew I would be in the Navy. Over the past 35 years I've spent 17 of them keeping the sea lanes open for democracy and anything else that wants to traverse the Pacific expanse of H2O.

Professionally I'm a Chief EW (Electronics Warfare Technician) so for me HARPOON is like practicing at home what I do on a daily basis at sea. My first experience with HARPOON was in '88 and I was immediately hooked. Needless to say it became a tool in my shop for the junior guys to become aquainted with the art of war at sea. At that time the Navy had a war at sea simulation called NAVTAG but it wasn't quite as pretty as HARPOON. Even with the classification restrictions on the databases in HARPOON it was better at keeping the EW's interest than NAVTAG and still made them think 3 dimensionally.

I've recently gotten back into HARPOON. A four year tour on the USS Belleau Wood kinda made time to play a luxury. I've got H2 running on a homebuilt 400MHZ, 128MB, SCSI machine and quite like the windows interface over the original version but those annoying video clips and voice messages have got to go.

Right now I'm stationed in Japan, serving out the rest of my career at a training facility. I've got a wife (Kayoko) and two daughters (Rachel and Gabrielle). My hobbies include collecting Soviet era naval militaria, HO scale slot cars, keeping tabs on the rest of the world with my wideband receiver, and hiking the Japanese Alps.


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