HULL Bio - Jeff Head

Age 41 Years

Married, 5 Children (Ages 8-18)

Engineer: has worked extensively with CAE/CAD/CAM throughout industry at : Vought Aeronautics. Bechtle Power Corporation, Motorla, GE/Calma, Intergraph and Structural Dynamics Research Corporation.

Is currently the Director of Conversion Services for Mid-State Consultants, Inc. in Nephi, UT (near Salt Lake).

Has published 4 papers, the latest, "AM/FM/GIS Conversions within Budget, On Time", was published at the AM/FM International Conf. in Nashville, TN this year.

In his engineering has worked as a CAE/CAD consultant or support director for several DOD projects with the Navy, Air Force and Army. (Including THAADS, MLRS, 688 Class boats, A7-E, etc.).

Has always been a naval enthusiast as a result of his father's involvement in WWII as a commander of an LCI in the Pacific.

Maintains several Web Sites including :

The Rocky Mountain Harpoon II Site:

The Rocky Mountain Civilization II Site:

Give me Liberty or Give me Death:

Anyway, that's a short bio. Hope it's okay, and sorry ot's taken so long.

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