I'm Regis QUELAVOINE (, just another harpoon fan from France ! I already apologize for my English, which is far from perfect, but I try to pratice...

Well, I was born in Crozon (Brittany, FRANCE) on May, 13th 1968. Crozon is very close to the French Naval Academy of Lanveoc-Poulmic, where my father was a young cadet... My grand-father was also a French Navy Officer... I spent 6 years in the Naval College of Brest, but I'm not very good at obeying orders, so I'm not in the French Navy, just 2nd Lt in the "Reserve" (one year of military duty in the mediterranean submarines squadron). Instead, I've just finished a PhD in computer science (jan97) with a particular subject granted by the Navy : The use of multilayer neural networks for automatic transients recognition in underwater acoustic. So, with such a background, you understand why I'm fond of Harpoon (I can give orders without receiving some) which I discovered after reading "The Hunt for Red October". I've been playing Wargames since 1983, with such great games as "Amiraute", which is a kind of French made Harpoon but for WW2. I also played the Fleet serie, Wooden Ships & Iron Men... I'm not solely focused upon naval simulations, and also enjoy ASL, Cry Havoc & Siege... with some RPG... The problem of "paper" wargames is the lack of time/space/opponents. So, along with a great interest in computer science, I tried the computer (war)games. Now, I play Harpoon Classic, Harpoon II AE, Great Naval Battles III & IV, Panzer General I & II, Steel Panthers, Jagged Alliance, X COM I & II, but also Master of Orion, Master of Magic, XWing, Tie Fighter, Wing Commander... The next step will be internet games, where you can mix the comfort of computer assisted games with the Real Intelligence of your opponent, and not an always as stupid as before Artificial one. I'll have to upgrade my home PC to enjoy this !

Well, if any want to send me some e-mails for fun, discussion about common interest or news, feel free !

Enjoy your leisures, but don't torpedoe the poor whales !

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