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Ok, a quick bio..

Stuart R. Haller
born in '71 (last day too!) in Wheeling WV
moved to Ft. Myers, Fl in '80
Attended UF '90-'93 for AA
Switched to Univ. of New Orleans to finish B.S.

B.S. Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering UNO '95 (5 yrs. not bad for Engineering when a retard in math.)

I work for the Gulf Coast Region Maritime Technology Center at UNO as a naval architect. We work with the shipbuilding industry to help make them competitive in the world commercial market.

Currently working with Avondale Shipyards. They are finishing their last LSD (52 I think), working on MSC Bob Hope and Fisher- huge RO/RO's- Bob Hope is sans two hull modules at the moment and then its structurally done.. Also finishing last minesweeper of Osprey Class. Avondale/BIW just awarded LPD-17, so I'm going to get to see some neat stuff.

Fell in love with warships at early age. First warship book was Warships of the World by Anthony Preston when I was 6. Played many hours of Harpoon on my Dad's pool table with my friends (if only it had blue felt!). Have played many box games from Panzer Blitz to Third Reich,SPI WWII, Jutland. Went from Atari 2600 to Commodore 128, to Atari 520 ST. Now use a Mac 7100/80. Current favorites are F/A-18 2.0, Conquest of the New World, Empire Deluxe, I have H2 but feel it needs a better interface and improved accuracy. In my spare time when I'm not using the computer I do soccer, play guitar, read books (Clancy, Bond, Jane's, whatever...) I subscribe to MacUser, Warship International, Strategy and Tactics, and Command magazines. A project I'm working on right now in my spare time is a proposal for a new generation of wargames that use true 3D maps, utilizes a true global interface that connects with a 360 degree 3D "battlespace" where the actual engagement actions are fought. New processors such as the Exponential X704 PowerPC chips should be coming to homes soon, so I figure why not push the wargaming evelope to utilize tomorrow's high powered processors?

Anyway, back to the shadows.....

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