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I am 36 years old, and joined the RAF direct from school when I was 16. Although my trade was Air Traffic Control, I never served in a tower. I was initially deployed to RAF Coningsby Wing Ops, with detachments to 41 sqn, 29 sqn and 228 OCU, all equiped with the Phantom FGR2.

I then spent time at London Military ATCC before going back to 11 grp. I was posted to 56 sqn at RAF Wattisham, again with Phantom FGR2's, in the role of Squadron Ops. During my time on the sqn the Falklands War occurred and also the Beirut conflict.

I was a victim of the first round of defence cuts post-Falklands, when I wa unable to extend my service in 1984.

Since then I have worked for British Airways in Information Management. My current job is Senior Support Analyst, a job that provides 24 hr cover for Application and Systems support.

My first foray into wargaming came with "Air War" from SPI(UK), I think, followed by "Air Superiority" and "Air Strike" from GDW. I still have the original rules for Harpoon, and bought the original version of Harpoon as soon as it was released on the Amiga. I now have the latest versions of Harpoon and HarpoonII.

As you can probably tell, my emphasis when I play the game is the use of air power to detect,subdue and destroy any forces opposing me with my surface and sub-surface aiding and abetting. Obviously, where Air Power exists.

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