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Hello fellow harpooners, I thought I would bore you with my bio.

I'm 26 and a recent graduate of computer science in Anchorage Alaska. I was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee and lived there until 1991 when the call of Alaska got the best of me. I moved to Alaska and have never had a thought of going back. I recently started a new career with Columbia Health Care, as a network engineer for this end of their WAN. I haven't yet found anyone to put up with me to marry me so I remain single. I have no military service; however, I study military history as a hobby. I have been a member of the Harpoon group off and on since 1995, it was a rather small group than but to my enjoyment it has grown or seems to have since my last visit. Thanks to Saul and Rodney for keeping it as such.

I use to be one of the editors for the Harpoon Newsletter when Rodney went to S.America last spring but as things go I could not continue to do so. I have played Harpoon II since it first hit the streets and have enjoyed it very much. military wargaming is my favorite hobby and War in Russia is still my favorite! I now have much more time for my hobby and look forward to writing for MC1 again. And hopefuly getting to know all the people here that I have not had the chance to discuss Harpoon with.

Besides that I hope to seek my MS in Telecommunications at UAA this fall. School I thought I was done but it's a never ending job!

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