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OK, I usually only lurk on this lst - but it's obvious I'm not alone! G>

I look like being one of the oldest - I'll be 50 next May. My parents christened me Ian Barefoot - what I did to deserve that I'll never know... Barefoot's OK, but -Ian-? G>

I was born and raised in London, living there until I was seventeen. My father was then moved to the Royal Aircraft Establishment near Aldershot (Home of The British Army). This resulted in visits to the Air Show, and later the Army show. That, coupled with failing my first-year exams (training as a structural draughtsman) led me to join the Army - more specifically the Parachute Regiment. I'd actually tried to join the Royal Navy whilst still at school - but failed the exams........

Spent 9 years in the 'Maroon Machine' with active service postings in Aden, and five tours in three years in Ulster. Met my doom whilst on a UN tour in Cyprus. Whilst commanding a 'Ferret' scout car (3.5 tons of armour on a tractor chassis) we were forced off the road by a bus. The vehicle hit a monsoon ditch and flipped me out, smashing my pelvis. (Last thing I remember is shouting 'Hit the 'bus - Hit the Bus!') No more parachuting for Mrs Barefoot's boy.......

Actually, I'd almost reach my run-out date and had already taken the exams for another uniform. Third time lucky I guess - so I've spent the last twenty-two years as a police officer in Sussex, UK. I've served in a variety of roles - beat bobby, community, etc. I'm now stationed at Gatwick Airport, where, after five years on the Armed Response Team, I now work in civilian clothes alongside Immigration and Customs.

I got into computing (OK - gaming...) back in '84 with a BBC. I graduated to a PC in the early 90's - an 8088, and shortly thereafter discovered 'Harpoon'. I've always been a lover of 'What If....' and 'Harpoon' filled the bill beautifully. I got the add-on sets a couple of years later, and thoroughly enjoyed all of them. Problem was - the computer didn't. There were times in the larger scenarios that a minutes play would take 15-20 mins realtime. Usually around 0300, when I really did want to go to bed!

I've now upgraded to a 486DX2 - and am in the same state with H2AE! They've just released the upgraded 'Classic' here, so I might go back to it. Watch this space for offers for 'AE'....

I've at last found an ground-warfare sim to equal 'Harpoon' - 'Tacops' - and am involved in solo, PBEM and real-time -Command Post Exercises (using IRC) gaming. (You don't even need the game for the CPX's.......)

Favourite authors - Larry Bond & Tom Clancy of course (Red Storm Rising gets my vote as one of the two best 'what if's..' ever - the other was Shan Hacketts WWIII). I also like Harold Coyle (Team Yankee, Spearpoint etc) and Richard Hermann (Warbirds series).

OK - I mentioned earlier that I work at Gatwick. Any 'Harpooners' travelling through - let me know, it'd be nice to see some of you face to face. I'm also contactable for travel info, places to go etc.

Enough of my ramblings,

Catch you all soon

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