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My name is Hank Ingram. As an infant, I was kidnapped from a band of gypsies by a middle class American family. When I was 3, I was dropped on my head during a game of football and developed an affinity for war games. My first wargame was Beat Your Sister Unmercifully. During college, my girlfriend(at the time) told me to decide between her or PanzerBlitz. Last I heard, she married some rich guy and is happy beyond all our dreams. But I can guarantee the SOB that married her ain't. Shortly before the birth of my first child, I discovered SSI's Korean War. It was downhill from there. I had always been interested in Harpoon but considered it too expensive. I found Harpoon Classic for $15 at the mall and it's been love ever since. I'm still looking for Harpoon II. I would list my numerous books but Bond already posted the list I was going to use.

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