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I am a reluctant wargamer. I started playing Harpoon classic my senior year in High School and it nearly caused me to drop out. Then I went off to school at the University of New Mexico as a political science/ international affairs double major. I spent two years without a computer studying naval and nuclear issues much harder than I studied my courses.

I decided to change the libraries that I studied in from the main library to the medical library in an effort to allow me to concentrate on my courses more. I thought that the medical books would be less interesting to me than the tons of tomes in the reference library. Much to my dismay the medical journals where even MORE interesting than the nuclear data bases at the old library. I promptly finished my semester and got a job as an operating room tech.

I worked for a year and a half as a scrub tech (enough time to earn enough to become life time members of both the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists and the United States Naval Institute, buy a pentium 120, and decide that I should go back to school, in medicine this time.

I rarely find the time to play Harpoon anymore, except as a beta tester for Harpoon Online. I'm interested in Harpoon more as a way to simulate and understand naval procurement, tactics, and technology than as a game. This list is a real nice way to keep up with the Navy. Thanks guys.

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