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Lo everyone,

Its time for my "15 Nano seconds of fame."

My Name is Craig Paffhaus, Im 22. Writing is one of the few things I do poorley so...........

I got interested in Military Hardware at age 3. The Angles flew out of Grand Rapids Int. in an escort formation round Fat Albert (there C-130). As the years have gone by I have had my nose in every book I could brow/buy dealing with Military Hardware. While Planes aremy pride and joy I can reasonably discoruse on anything post WWI. Un-fortunatly I spent way too much time on it. I am currently working on the WWIII database, SPE aircraft for Mike Staley, and my own version of WWIII. Why am I working on my own version of WWIII? because I have been working on it since before Harpoon 2 ever existed. As far as Strat games go I only play Harpoon2. I have HC but I don't like much of anything about it. My computer is for Flight Sims so Harpoon2 takes up only a small space reserved for "Games" on my puter.

Where did I get my Handle? Simple (for me atleast.) When I signed Up with Netcom there was someone who was already using my nickname (Desert Fox). So I chose someone else of equal stature. I Got the Nic of Desert Fox playing Paintball/capture the flag as a Kid. I always got stuck with the younger kids (8-12) when playing in groups of 14-18 year olds. We always won:>.

Other things I do that are associated with my Military History Background are:
Twilight 2000 RPG
Teaching people to fly Combat sims.
Battle Tech
Champions RPG (its a Super Hero RPG but i always paly a normal person with a VBig gun:)
Airplane Modleing (working on a beaut F-5E Agressor)
Study up on my favorite Birds (XB-70 Valkyrie, CF-105 Arrow, All the Grumman Catz)
History classes
Trying to get my Veiw changer program to work for my flight sims.

What do I plan to do with my life?

Have any ideas?????
Seriously I'm going to school to get a Computer repair/CNE degree. Conciddering Ive been bulding putters since I was 10-12 this is a logical choice. However it is a much lower goal than my origional, AeroSpace Engineer. I have even designed a "radical" wing for future aircraft. My cousin's cousin who works at Ames Reserch laughed at it so.... he fell:>

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