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Christopher Pipinou, Student. Born and living in New York City for 17 years.

No actual military experience (tho I do intend to join the Navy after college); just a rabid interest that began with aircraft, spread to the ships that hold them, and then to ships in general. Just as a side note, I collect the ball caps that ship's crew's a very small collection, but it grows by one or two every Fleet Week here in NYC.

My wargaming experience is mostly computer related. I have a couple of old Avalon Hill boardgames (fell in love with Flight Leader) and an ever-growing pile of computer wargames (mostly naval, but a couple of ground sims mixed in--Harpoon Classic is still my all-time favorite...if they'd allow this humble mortal that fabled battleset/database editor, I would be ecstatic).

I'm currently working with Mike Staley, Dale Hillier, John McKellar, and a whole buncha other people whose names momentarily escape me on the WW3 Database, where they made me the guy in charge of the Mediterranean war.

As well, I'm working (in my very little spare time after everything else) on a Sixties DB for Harpoon 2...and it's not going very well. Anyone with any help to offer--please write, especially if you have info on the European countries.


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