HULL Bio - Edward Ladner, aka Dr Who

Well, I guess it's my turn. My skills do not include writing so please for any grievious errors. I am better know to most of you as Dr Who. I recieved the nickname from my cousin back in the seventies, because of my ability to rig something and make it work. I have always been interested in military hardware. My favorites are the ships of WWII.

I grew up in a military family, so I got to see alot of the world by the time I turned 18. The best years were the 5 that I lived in the Panama Canal Zone. Couldn't pick a better place for someone facinated with ships. In 1975 I was one of twenty Sea Scouts chose to spend time on board the USS Manitowoc as it made a goodwill tour to south america. I served along side all the other sailors, pulling watches, scrubbing the deck and so on. Thus I have kissed Neptune's belly and can call myself a shellback.

I love any kind of gadget so it was only natural that when personal computers started to come out that I had to have one. Now I am one of the few people who get paid for their hobby.

My favorite games are Harpoon, Steel Panthers II, Warcraft II and anything that deals with Battletech (MechWarrior).

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