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I have only been a HP Classics user since Christmas and have enjoyed it and this mailing list.

I spent 8 years in the US Navy as a machinist's mate, leaving in '92 as a PO1. I served aboard the USS Santa Barbara (AE 28) where I received my Surface Warfare cutlasses (this was before they were giving them away!). I also did a brief stint on the USS Vulcan during several IMAV's. On the Santa Barbara I worked in nearly every engineering department work center. After leaving the ship, I attended Cryogenics school in Portsmouth, VA, and from there did a tour in Keflavik, Iceland as the Lox plant supervisor, which serviced Navy, Air Force and NATO aircraft. After leaving Iceland in '92, I went to SIMA Mayport, FL and worked in the Planning and Estimating department before getting out in December 1992.

I currently manage a retail store and function as the local HR representative for Blockbuster Entertainment. I have a BS in management from the University of Maryland and a MA in management and human resources development from Webster University in St. Louis, MO. I also operate my own company, Professional Developers (which is in its infancy). PD trains people to better interview and present themselves to potential employers. Prior to Blockbuster, I worked as an HR specialist and management recruiter for Pepsico. I left because I got tired of working 80 hour weeks and not seeing my family, only to find that i am nearly doing it again!

I look forward to working with my Harpoon Classics program and all of you hear. I'll say one thing, military simulations have come a long way since board games like "Battle of the Bulge" and "Rise and fall of the 3rd Reich" that I played when I was a kid!

Fair winds and following seas...

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