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Jaime Alemany, 29, married, no kids yet. Born and living since in Madrid, Spain (well, actually in a little village 40 Kms away)

I went to the universty to study physic, but after one year of mainly boredom I started the software company I'm still working for (I own 1/4 of it). Now my bussines cards states "Research Manager", but I don't know exactly what it means ;-) I have developed for a variety of systems, from assembler (Z80, 6805, 8031, 8502, 8086...) for telephony and gambling machines (years ago) to information servers today, with systems from Unix to PC connecting banks and reuters and other companies here in spain. Programming in C and C++, I am an Unix fan.

I have loved wargames since I discovered avalon hill's Panzer General (and War and Peace, and others...). I begun playing Harpoon with the original one, but left it after playing and replaying everyevery scen. and believing the product was death (nobody contacted my after I sent my reg. card!). After rediscovering harpoon thanks to the Internet, now I have a few more scens for the original one and H2AE, now learning a lot also thanks to you guys! Unfortunately I don't have enough spare time to cope with a) my wife b) my playing needs, so the later suffers...

My main interest is on strategy, not weaponry.

I also enjoy playing Go, whenever I find an opponent.

Enough for now, isn't it?

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