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Well, I better justify my esistence on the mail list by posting something... :)

I have been playing Harpoon II for over a year now (and wishing I had a better computer to run it on). Then I found a $12 CD with Harpoon Classic on it and have been playing that game as well (although someone showed me the game about five years ago). I used to play Air Force (WWII aviation wargame by Avlon Hill) in High School. That and a few other small wargames are the extent of my wargaming experience. As far as other computer games, I like strategy games and flight simulators (Su-27 but again, it would be better if I had a better computer). Other than that, I love card games and am an avid cribbage player.

After high school, I went to the University of Texas, got a degree in Math and then went into the Air Force. Did four years and four months in the AF, mostly at Falcon AFB in Colorado.

Most of my work related background is in computers which leads me to my current occupation... I currently work for SuperNet Inc. as a system administrator. SNI is Colorado's largest Internet service provider. BTW: SNI is also providing the space for one of the anonymous FTP areas where you can download the various Harpoon scenarios and platforms (it is linked to this site).

That is my bio in a nutshell.

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