Harpoon 2002 Scenarios
"The Meanest Damn Poon Ever!"

Helo by Brad Leyte

It occurred to me that there aren't many HC/HC97/HC2002 scenarios which focus on helicopter combat, particularly helo vs helo warfare in the virtual absence of fixed wing aircraft. Hence HELO. In this scenario, you are commander of a joint US/UK force operating inside the war ravaged Balkans. Your force controls the airports at Sarajevo and Mostar, but little else. A British Royal Navy task group centred around HMS Ocean is enroute with reinforcements, and a force of eight C-130 Hercules airlifters are sitting on the tarmac at Souda awaiting your confirmation that the area is secure. The enemy is well equipped with Hind gunships and assault helos, and enemy ground troops are heading in your direction. They have every intention of kicking you out of the region. Get the Ocean task group safely to Beachhead Freedom, and the
Hercules safely into Sarajevo. Time is of the essence.


Arena by Brad Leyte

" A Harpoon 2002 scenario for the EC2000 Atlantic Ocean battleset, designed for play by the BLUE side only. An enemy force of no less than 8 Russian and European carriers, supported by numerous surface escorts and submarines, are heading west to assault two critical BLUE bases at Keflavik and Lajes. Opposing them you have at your disposal three carrier battle groups centred around the US carriers George Washington, Harry Truman and Ronald Reagan. Land based air support will be minimal. Defend the shore bases and destroy the enemy carrier force. DO NOT change your aircraft loadouts. This scenario was designed to bear some (emphasis on some) resemblance to a famous historical battle. "

Back to Baghdad by Brad Leyte

A HC2002 scenario for the EC2000 Gulf of Oman battleset.

Designed for play by BLUE side only.


It is late 2002, and the prospect of war in the Persian Gulf is
once again considered very likely. The US has already deployed large
forces to the theater in preparation for what looks to be an
inevitable conflict with Iraq, and the buildup continues. The
political landscape, however, is very different from what it was in
1991. Both Saudi Arabia and Turkey, key Coalition partners in
Operation Desert Storm, have this time refused to permit American
forces to deploy troops at their installations or launch offensive
operations from their soil.

A handful of Gulf nations, and a naval force centred around the
ageing carrier USS Constellation, are presently the only platforms
from which US and British forces may engage the enemy.

If Saddam decides to act first, will it be enough ?

Consider the fact that although the US and British forces have
overwhelming superiority, both in numbers and capability, it could be
a serious political defeat if the Iraqis are able to even bloody the
noses of their attackers. You need a quick and relatively painless
victory to keep Washington happy.

Your primary targets are, of course, Iraqi facilities linked to
weapons of mass destruction. Eliminate Saddam's capability in this

Happy Harpooning !

Direct comments to Brad Leyte at bkleyte@nf.sympatico.ca

Invasion of Norway
by Fred Galano

The discovery of oil deposits in Northern Norway has led to border disputes between Russia and Norway. Recently Russia has seized territory in Northern Norway including a Norwegian airbase. NATO is tasked with sending in SEALS to take out Russian SAM sites and to repel the invasion.

Orders for NATO—

Locate—SA-10 SAM sites placed by Russians near Northern Power Station and Bradufoss AFB
Use SEAL teams to destroy above SAM sites (position SSN Kamehameha within12 miles of SAM sites and sink same using Mk 48, stay in area for 2 hours)

Important—Do not conduct airstrikes until SAM sites neutralized

Damage Northern Power 50%

Attack Russian Troop positions in North

Carrier Clash by Fred Galano

This scenario is designed for the MEDC HDS3 battleset. The premise of the scenario is as follows: The East-West conflict rages on. In this scenario Blue atempts to locate and destroy all Red targets. ORDERS FOR BLUE 1. This is a SINKEX. Locate and destroy all red targets in your OPAREA.

Pakistani blockade by Fred Galano

SITREP: India is at war with Pakistan. The Indian government has imposed a blockade around Pakistan. Everything, including food and medicine is not allowed into Pakistani ports. With millions of civilians in dire need of food and medical supplies the US under a UN mandate decides to break the blockade

ORDERS FOR BLUE: Locate and destroy the any Indian naval forces around Pakistan. Air strikes against Indian bases are NOT authorized

Kola3 by Byron Audler and Bruce Fenster

is what would have really happened, had the US Navy really gone after the home of the Soviet Fleet, and the heart of it's power. For many years, Harpooners have complained that the game is biased against the Soviet bloc. Bruce Fenster, the author of this scenario, in conjunction with myself, decided to prove that this was NOT true. We believe that you will be challenged like you have never been challenged before.

We would appreciate any comments you have on the game. Currently, the only scenario that fully takes advantage of the new changes to the AI is Kola3. All other scenarios will work with the new code. The only problem, is that they don't take advantage of these changes. Some scenarios will be virtually unwinnable, due to the large amount of assets that would have to be allocated to present a challenge to the player.

(Note: this scenario is extremely difficult, and should not be attempted by novice players)

CV32 by Brad Leyte

A scenario for the EC2000 Norwegian Sea (GIUK) battleset of H2002.

Sweden is taking brave steps to hold back the Russian offensive in the Baltic Sea. The odds are stacked against their success. The USAF has sent forces into the theater to help turn the tide, and the British have deployed the first of a new class of aircraft carriers formerly known as the CVF (modeled by the Saratoga). With an air wing of F/A-18E Hornets (the British JSF was cancelled in this timeline), including several new EA-18G Growler (modeled by the EA-7L), the British hope to act quickly to save the Swedes and open the door for the follow-up American flyers. Time is not on your side, as intel reports that a Russian PHIBGRU has been assembled and is already enroute. Primary targets are fuel supplies and C3 nodes. Note: For the sleuths out there, why do I like CV32 ? (Hint, it has nothing to do with this scenario).

DOOLITTLE TWO by  Brad Leyte

A scenario for the EC2000 Norwegian Sea battleset of H2002.

The Russians have launched a massive attack throughout the Norwegian Sea theater, seizing a beachhead near Orland. They have followed up with the deployment of two very large carrier battle groups. At least one of these is expected to bolster the beachhead in Norway, while the other may threaten Iceland or even the North Atlantic. In response, the US Navy has advanced a two pronged defence. The Mobile Offshore Base Mitchel has deployed to eastern Greenland, together with a modified Air Expeditionary Wing. And a PHIBGRU has been rapidly assembled and is now heading north for the Gap.

Shinano Redux by Brad Leyte 

You are commander of the USS Archerfish, the fourth hull of the Seawolf class. The Russians have borrowed from an American idea and built a mobile offshore base. The structure is now enroute from the White Sea to the North Cape, where it is expected to take part in the ongoing wartime operations against NATO. Since the Russians already control the Norwegian Sea, the movement of this new asset into a threatening position is not acceptable. You must penetrate hostile waters, find and sink the Russian MOB. Preserve your firepower. You will need it.


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